Amazing Young Thing

To you Miss Independent and aura ng taon awardee, @caicayabyab, happy happy birthday! Will never get tired listening to your stories while waiting for the lighter kase ang tagal mo magsindi! Best in kuda ka as always. Bday wish ko for you ay biyayaan ka sana ng Diyos ng punctuality. Haha! Can’t wait for more adventures with you and the 2 doodles (insert @akositabzz @jetvallejo ). Love you dude!

I think we have a serious connection. (at Hungry Hippo)

After a tiring walkathon. @paypixiv @cliphton (at Carlo’s Pizza)

Decided to hit the road without a plan, we ended up going to the church :) (at Calaruega Church)

Calaruega Church ❤️💒

Sun in my face #selfie #sunset

Road trippin’ @paypixiv @cliphton

Knights night. #KnightsOfColumbus (at St. Joseph the Worker Parish)

Sunday loves @joysacro @fioladenise @mhaybe @cliphton (at Starbucks Coffee)

Last night. Late post coz instagram’s effed up. @jetvallejo @akositabzz @caicayabyab (at Scarlet Wine Lounge)

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